How to Add Flybuys to Apple Wallet – The Comprehensive Guide

How to Add Flybuys to Apple Wallet

How do you add Flybuys to your Apple Wallet? Here’s everything you need to know, including step-by-step instructions and photos of the process.

Many Apple users have reported issues with adding their Flybuys cards to the Wallet application on their devices, so if you’ve had trouble, check out this comprehensive guide on how to fix it!

We’ll show you how to add flybuys to your apple wallet, even if your account has multiple cards. We will also explain why adding your Flybuys cards is important and how you can use them to save more money in the future. Let’s get started!

What is Flybuys?

How to Add Flybuys to Apple Wallet - The Comprehensive Guide

Flybuys is an Australian loyalty program that rewards you for purchasing products and services from various retailers. You can earn points when you shop, which you can redeem for rewards like gift cards and other prizes.

It was launched by a joint partnership between Coles Group and Wesfarmers in 1994 as a loyalty program; by that time, many more brands joined it, making it popular among Australian consumers. For years, Australians have collected flybys points for special things like gift cards or groceries.

June 17 2021 Update:

Flybuys has finally added official support.You can now use the flybuys app to add your card to Wallet.

How to Add Flybuys Card to Apple Wallet?

How to Add Flybuys Card to Apple Wallet – Step By Step

1. Open the Flybuys Mobile App

After opening the app, click on the “My Card” option in the top right corner of the flybuys mobile app.

2. Tap Add to Apple Wallet

The My Card option will show a way to add your Flybuys to your Apple Wallet, and doing so successfully takes just a few clicks.

3. Open the Apple Wallet App on your iPhone

Next time you go shopping, don’t forget to scan your barcode reader at any shopping terminal by scanning your phone after opening Apple Wallet and clicking on “edit passes.”

4. Take Advantage of Flybuys Rewards

Once you have successfully scanned your Flybuys card, you will be eligible to redeem the points.

What steps should I take to join Flybuys?

To become a member, follow the steps below.

  1. Sign up for Flybuys on their registration page. If you have a temporary Flybuys card from one of their retail partners, activate it here.
  2. To create a new account, fill in your details and home address, as well as a contact number and your new password.Read through the Terms and Conditions carefully. For this page, you can also add a cardholder to the same account.
  1. The following is a list of questions about your household. These include the number of people, whether you have pets, your household budget, and the frequency of your shopping.These preferences allow you to receive more accurate and relevant advertisements, but this step is not mandatory.
  1. Verify the email address in your inbox.
  2. Congratulations! You are now ready to earn Flybuys points.

Why can’t I add my flybuys card to Apple Wallet?

You may need help adding your flybuys card to your apple wallet for four main reasons.

  • The first reason is that you are using an old app or mobile site version that doesn’t recognize the flybuys card. If this sounds like you, please update your app or visit the mobile site on your phone.
  • The second reason is that you still need to set up a primary card in your account. Adding your flybuys card to your apple wallet is only available after you have set up a primary card in your account. If you don’t have a primary card, please visit our help centre for information on how to do so. Once you have a primary card set up, return to this page and follow the above steps.
  • Your third reason may be that you must be properly logged in to the Flybuys app or use incorrect credentials.
  • Four, the code cannot be used if it has already been used or invalid.

Flybuys had support for Apple Wallet in 2021. Once Flybuys and Apple Wallet teamed up, scanning the QR code for Flybuys using the QR reader for Apple Wallet made it easier for customers to enjoy all of the benefits.

The Flybuys app is fairly new, so there might be a few technical glitches to be aware of. For example, you cannot add your Flybuys card to your iPhone Wallet. It’s important to stay in touch with Flybuys Customer Support Page.

Is flybuys available on the Apple wallet?

Yes, flybuys is available on the Apple wallet. However, this will only work if you have an iPhone 6 or newer. Some steps need to be followed for this to work. First off, you need to ensure that you have the latest version of iOS installed on your iPhone and that both flybuys and the App Store app are also up-to-date.

It is now possible to add Flybuys to Apple Wallet after July 27, 2021. iOS users are only required to open their Apple Wallet app and scan the barcode at the store to earn huge rewards.

What Else Can I Do with Flybuys?

We know you love your FlyBuys, but how do you use them? Here are some other ways you can use those points:

You can spend them on groceries at Coles or Woolworths. They’ll be deducted in full dollar amounts when added to your receipt.

You can trade them in for a Baskin Robbins voucher. This is a great way to enjoy a guilt-free ice cream after all that hard work.

And if you’ve been looking for the perfect gift idea, think about purchasing flybuys through the app and giving it as a present with all the extras!

Whether it’s for yourself or someone else, Flybuys has got it covered!

Check out this video guide on how to add flybuys to apple wallet?

How do I use Flybuys with Apple Wallet? FAQ

Can you add flybuys to apple wallet?

You can add flybuys to your apple wallet by downloading the flybuys app on your iPhone or iPad. You’ll need an iOS device running iOS 11 or later and a flybuys account. Follow the steps shared above.

How do I check my Flybuys points? 

You can check your Flybuys points balance by logging into the Flybuys app or the Flybuys website with your membership number and password.

How will I get my Flybuys points? 

To have your points automatically added to your account, scan your Flybuys card when you purchase with a Flybuys partner.

How to put flybuys on apple wallet?

We have shared a comprehensive guide about How to put flybuys on apple wallet? in this article above. Follow our step-by-step guide.

How do I use Apple Wallet in Australia?

You can pay at the cash register of a physical store with a checkout screen that supports Apple Pay by touching the phone with your finger to the scanner and completing the purchase with a Touch ID; At the same time, online and in apps, you can use your fingerprint to verify purchases.

Where can I use Apple Pay in Australia?

You can use Apple Pay anywhere if the retailer accepts contactless payments. This includes vending machines, taxis, supermarkets, and any retailer that is in-network on Apple Pay’s app or site.

Can you add any card to Apple Wallet?

Basically, yes. You can put all sorts of cards in Apple Wallet, including credit and debit cards.

Can’t add flybuys to apple wallet?

If you can’t add flybuys to your apple wallet, read this article to resolve your problem.


After reading this guide, you should be able to add your flybuys card to the apple wallet without any issues. I hope that you found this guide useful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and I will do my best to answer them.

Turn on notifications from the settings page to stay up-to-date with the latest Flybuys offers and promotions. You can turn off notifications anytime if you don’t want to see them anymore.

I hope this guide has helped, and please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

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