About Us

Finance and money are not a topic that many people enjoy talking about, but it is still something that affects all of us in some way or another. That is why we created this website to make it easier for the average person to understand what is going on with the economy and their own finances. Our articles are written by experts who have years of experience and knowledge in their fields and will answer any questions you have about finance and money.

Who We Are?​

Every day, we hear from people that are frustrated with their financial situation and don’t know how to make money. The problem is that the information they need is scattered all over the internet and it takes a lot of time and patience to sift through everything to find what works for them.

The team at Finance Files was tired of this problem and wanted to do something about it so we created a site that offers financial guides for making money online, stock market tips for beginners, and more. At Finance Files we have made a promise to ourselves that we will never stop working hard to help others solve their financial woes. We are here to share……